Household Portable Electric Oral Irrigator

Household Portable Electric Oral Irrigator


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Have you encountered various oral problems?
Food residues, bleeding gums, difficult to clean braces, swollen and painful gums, tartar stains, tooth decay

↓↓↓8 major oral problems will be solved at any time for you↓↓↓
Prevention of dental caries, bad mouth odor, difficult to clean braces, dental plaque, bleeding gums, cleaning dental implants, gum periodontitis, interdental plugging

♠Clean the oral cavity deeply. Insufficient cleaning of the interdental and gingival sulcus is the main culprit for oral problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis. It can penetrate deep into the interdental and gingival sulcus to wash away food residues and prevent oral problems.
♠High-pressure stable pulse, sending out surging net soft dense waves, deep and clear oral residues, and the body feels clean and comfortable
♠Strong high-pressure pulse cleans the residues between the teeth to deal with the major cleaning blind areas of the orthodontic teeth, easily wash away the residues between the teeth, near the brackets, and the hidden parts of the braces, so that the orthodontic teeth can be cleaned in multiple directions
♠Pulsing water jet easily removes tartar, using 800-1600 times/min high-pressure pulse water impact to wash away the residues of hidden parts such as frog teeth under the gums between the teeth, and eliminate oral odor
♠200ml water tank, easy to clean
♠Strong pulsed water flow, not only has good cleaning function, but also can gently massage the gums to improve bleeding and maintain healthy teeth and gums

♠Smart gear memory is more convenient to use
♠Nozzle storage and water injection combo
♠IPX7 waterproof, the whole machine can be washed safely
♠Small volume and large capacity 200ml telescopic water tank
♠Type-C interface high-speed charging can be standby for 99 days
♠Intelligent power off to prevent dry burning
♠Pocket new favorite is small enough to put it in a bag and take it away

3 modes:
♠Gentle mode: Gentle cleaning
♠Standard mode: deep cleaning
♠Pulse mode: alternating strong and weak, massage the gums

4 major function nozzles:
♠Standard nozzle: used for daily cleaning of residues between teeth
♠Periodontal pocket nozzle: prevent the formation of dental calculus and dental plaque
♠Orthodontic nozzle: help clean up difficult-to-clean areas around the braces
♠Tongue coating nozzle: remove bad mouth odor and keep fresh breath

Product information:
Material: ABS
Specification: 14x7x4.4 (cm)
Weight: 250G

Packing list:
1*Tooth punch+2*Nozzle/1*Tooth punch+4*Nozzle

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 200 × 130 × 80 cm

Orange green, White green, White

Electrical outlet



Dental scaler and 2nozzles, Dental scaler and 4nozzles


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